Business Drivers

Organizations are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers and citizens. The simplicity of mobile and web applications has increased the expectations and customers want the ability to communicate and interact with organizations online anytime anywhere. And organizations that provide the superior experience will thrive and grow.

Online interactions and transactions hold the keys to unlocking new revenue opportunities and insight into behavior. Success tomorrow starts with understanding and predicting trends based on data today. Knowing your customer, passenger, client, and citizens are the top priority of many organizations across sectors and industries.

Organizations have to transform to support the new expectations. A rip and replace strategy for core systems is the long road to a better client experience. The key to keeping pace is a strategy to augment and replace as a last resort.

Across all the business trends, security, compliance, and risk management are constant. The ability to secure the increased access and exponentially expanding data is a top technology driver. Securing client information has to be built into everything you do.

Kelbix understands the trends and has helped clients thrive in today’s digital economy. Find out how Kelbix is the go-to partner, securing your tomorrow.

Know Your Customer
Operational Transformation
Secure Client Self Service
Security, Compliance & Risk
Know Your Customer

Secure Client 360

Organizations across industries are focused on developing a complete picture of their clients, customers, and citizens. Today’s systems that contain key information are siloed internally and disjointed externally. Connecting internal systems from every decade while integrating social and unstructured data like video have amplified the data integration challenge. The technology is readily available but the problem lies in how to make sense of all the information.
The value in connecting all this data is finding new opportunities to micro-target new revenue or identify ways to serve customers and citizens in unique ways. The correlation of transactional data, buying patterns, and social sentiment is a powerful tool to increase the customer experience. Customers are demanding a better overall experience and it all starts with real-time data integration to get that one client view.

  • How do you integrate and consolidate data to find the needle in the haystack opportunities?
  • Where do we find the skills and expertise to connect our systems?
  • How do we leverage unstructured data in our overall strategy?

Kelbix is uniquely positioned to enable our clients to connect disconnected systems with external data creating one view of the customer or citizen. We built or supported every major generation of technology and have mastered integrating today’s new big data, advanced analytics, cloud, and IoT technologies with legacy systems from all eras.

Come find out how Kelbix can help you better know your customer or citizens.

Operational Transformation

Enabling the speed of change

Organizations are struggling to catch up to the demands of business, operations and their clients and citizens. Legacy systems, new technology, cloud, mobile, and security concerns combined with the need to just keep the lights on are stretching the IT organization to the breaking point.Balancing the innovation needs of the organization and the care and feeding of the datacenter is the number one priority for IT. Becoming the technology utility sounds easy but in reality is a difficult undertaking with the generations of technology and insolated data. Organizations that conquer this balance gain a competitive advantage reducing cost and improving time to market.

  • How do IT organizations transform to support the new business priorities like client experience, knowing the customer, and self-service?
  • How much risk is too much in transformation?
  • Do you need to completely overhaul your datacenter to transform?

Kelbix helps our clients make sense of operational transformation. We partner with you to develop a priority-based strategy to enable innovation and systematically reducing the existing operation and maintenance overhead. Our clients have achieved significant cost savings and improved acceleration to meet the demands of operations.

With Kelbix, you can achieve operational transformation balance.

Secure Client Self Service

Enabling secure client experience

Customers, patients, and citizens expect a new level of technology experience. The mobile revolution upped the game for many industries and it is not good enough to just have a website. The people you serve expect to do everything online anytime and anywhere on any device. Looking up account balances, making payments, sharing patient data, renewing a driver’s license, or applying for a loan is the future and your customers are looking for more.
Consolidating data is one of the challenges but a major obstacle is delivering a superior user experience on any device. Many organizations have hundreds of thousands if not millions of users and developing the applications and infrastructure to support this volume is daunting.

  • What happens if an extreme number of users attempt to access your systems at the same time?
  • How to do you scale, secure, and support an ever growing population?
  • How do we securely leverage our alternative delivery options like cloud and SaaS?

Kelbix is the right partner to help you manage the growing need for secure and scalable self-service solutions. We have been solving this problem for decades with unique design, tested technology integration, and proven services.

When you need to deliver a great, scalable and secure customer self-service experience, depend on Kelbix.

Security, Compliance & Risk

Securing everything we do

Security, compliance and risk are a constant driver for every organization across every industry. Cyber security attacks are increasing at an exponential rate as the digital attack surface expands to include devices outside the datacenter. Physical security systems, facility control systems, home automation, and IoT devices offer new entry points into your operations and hackers are exploiting all avenues in the big business of cybercrime.Operational security and risk go beyond your day to day operations in your physical walls. The digital worker and always-on customer and citizens want access anytime, anywhere. And they expect to be safe online and in the world. Protecting the public and your teams in the public domain are becoming more critical every day.

  • How do we keep our operations, client data, and employees safe from cybercrime?
  • With the expanding security and compliance footprint, how do we reduce the risk without breaking the bank?
  • The world is becoming more dangerous. What can be done to protect the public and digital workers from cyber and physical harm?

Kelbix is a silent leader in delivering integrated cyber and physical security to protect your operations and the public. We deliver the most secure operating environment in the world, protect the borders using advanced technologies, and keep you safe at major sporting events. Kelbix protects million in transactions every day, cargo passing between countries, and air travelers across the globe.

Kelbix’ silent leadership is the security level you need to be safe today.