Client Computing

Your employees today are choosing their own working styles. They’re adding smartphones, tablets and other devices and expecting these to connect with their existing desktop and laptop environments so they can get the job done – wherever they are.

For most organisations desktop computing is evolving to end-user based client computing. Some call it the consumerisation of IT; others, the PC-plus revolution. Whatever you may call it, your organisation will benefit from accommodating this change to a mobile and flexible workforce. But you need to balance your employees’ expectations with your business’ requirements.

In the new client computing environment, end users want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop. They want to choose their devices, applications and services. They want to make IT their own while still having access to IT support. They also need to be free from security threats.

Where does the client computing environment start and end in your organisation? How will a user-centric environment affect your IT infrastructure, security, compliance and governance?

We were there at the beginning of the client computing evolution “we understand where it came from and how its developed”. So we can take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new clients’ computing environment, offering you support in:

  • strategy, architecture and deployment
  • application management
  • device policy
  • identity management
  • compliance
  • security
  • procurement
  • end user support

We’ll help you ensure that your employees have access to data and core applications like email on all devices including the traditional desktop.

Our client computing services include:

Learn how our Enterprise Mobility Framework can help you assess and address your client computing requirements

We offer services for desktop and system management as well as new client computing environments.