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Transforming citizen-centric services through innovative solutions

Kelbix provides IT consulting services and delivers innovative solutions that facilitate the transition to digital government.
We combine our technical strength with deep mission knowledge to deliver impact and drive innovation for our government clients and their constituents.
Our deep expertise in technology, combined with leading-edge digital capabilities, including cloud deployments, applications modernization, security solutions, and advanced data analytics, helps us serve a broad constituency of government clients across the globe.
We are dedicated to understanding our government clients’ unique challenges and are passionate about their missions as we deliver unequaled value in IT services.
Our solutions and services are at work every day, protecting critical government infrastructures from cyber attack; securing borders; modernizing legacy systems to optimize missions; improving health and human services delivery to citizens; and providing advanced tools that transform justice and law enforcement capabilities.
Kelbix is at the forefront of digital government and digital transformation.
Leading communications enterprises through intelligent innovation
Communications Enterprises Lead the Way

The major trend impacting the telecommunications sector is the explosion in the number of connected devices. Technology is becoming more convergent and disruptive. The internet of things will add billions of new connected data sources globally by 2020.

The upshot of all of these devices will be an astronomical growth in data volumes. To add to this, the business of communications has changed. Voice revenues continue their free fall while consumers are showing less and less loyalty. And competitors are delivering over-the-top (OTT) content, picking off the most lucrative revenue.

More than ever, the world has become digital, and security is paramount. Communications enterprises need to rely on secure cloud, analytics, mobility and network virtualization to become true digital service providers.

Challenges and Opportunities Abound

Operational agility: Whether you are an industry veteran burdened with legacy network infrastructure, or have rolled-out 4G capabilities, the challenge is the same on how to remain responsive to the market and provide flexible and attractive services and bundled offerings. Leaders today must support an operating model that allows for flexible, reliable, scalable and secure transport of rich communications services.

Customer experience management (CEM): Customers today are not always loyal to their network providers. To address this challenge, communications enterprises must provide platforms for better relationships with both enterprise and consumer customers. As providers prepare their networks to support a digital world, they also must develop innovative CEM strategies that span channels and serve up the most appealing mix of services and content.

Kelbix Leads the Way

Kelbix helps communications enterprises provide the next generation of data and voice services based on the latest technology standards. Our work with leading companies has helped them become faster, more nimble, and more adept at providing value-added services to their clients. As network providers evolve to IP Multimedia Services and software defined networks, Kelbix helps them provide value, drive revenue, and create competitive differentiation.


Industry challenges drive technology cures

During the last few years, the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry has witnessed remarkable and evolutionary change. With these changes come new and emerging challenges surrounding the ways drug and device manufacturers internally collaborate, exchange information, and develop new products and services.In addition the evolving global regulatory landscape creates external pressure to provide adequate protections for sensitive clinical data and intellectual property.Growing market complexity, increasing geographic reach, and winnowing consumer margins challenge Life Sciences and Healthcare companies to:

  • Counter risk through adoption of more robust and impenetrable forms of cybersecurity,
  • Accelerate time to market through operational excellence, enhanced innovation and increased product value, and
  • Optimize cost through operational excellence and digital migration.

Kelbix remains a trusted partner to these agencies, providing the most advanced solutions and services in security, workspace technology, applications, cloud, and digital transformation. Kelbix key offerings facilitating this space include Security, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, End User Services and Application Services among others. Armed with decades of experience in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, Kelbix can help your organization address business challenges effectively using the best that technology can offer.

Personalizing your clients’ experience digitally, physically, and securely
Engaging customers to build relationships and value The customer is king. The customer is always right. It has never been truer, and its more critical than ever in today’s right here, right now retail environment.
Customers today expect an omni-channel experience where shopping is fast, easy, and consistent across in-store, online and mobile channels. Ensuring consistency across these channels not to mention accommodating multiple time zones, addressing country-specific regulations and customs, and overcoming local supply issues is a daunting feat.
Here’s a key point: technology isn’t just creating these challenges, its also solving them.
New location- and context-aware mobile technology is putting highly relevant and effective retail offers literally in the hands of customers, driving sales, margin, and customer loyalty.
Providing the advanced environment to enable and support such personalized interaction securely is where Kelbix steps in.
Kelbix is working with top retailers around the globe to deliver engaging brand experiences. Our analytics expertise helps stores harness vast amounts of data to reveal patterns and deliver more relevant promotions, both in-store and online.
Our POS support, retail application development, and IT infrastructure expertise ensures that stores work efficiently and effectively. And our focus on empowering your employees and customers, security, and retail best practices ensures the rest of the business can keep up.

Digital banking transformation

While banks are figuring out an appropriate response to disruption, tightened regulations, persistent low interest rates and Fintech, the challenges continue to put pressure on profits.
Retail Banks’ relevance in the era of this maximum disintermediation depends on the way they view it: disruption or limitless potential to reimagine the bank.
Kelbix, with decades of banking industry experience and digital excellence, understands that at the heart of true transformation is the complex journey of a bank reinventing itself as a flourishing digital ecosystem.
In order to continue to satisfy ever evolving customer needs, operate smarter and faster, be agile, retail banks need to embark on the full course of digital transformation. Kelbix partnership with retail banks moves beyond smart architecting and orchestrating the digital metamorphosis into real business transformation.
Kelbix Digital Banking Transformation Solutions is a comprehensive suite of offerings that helps retail banks transition and transform their underlying processes, capabilities, and technologies to accelerate innovation and deliver frictionless customer experience.
  • Bank Modernization: Banks today are adopting bimodal approaches that can combine agility with stability to address digital opportunities. Instantaneous scalability, lightning speed to market, zero-downtime, precise targeting, predictive analytics and better cost to serve ratios are possible only with hyper responsive architecture. Our expertise is delivering robust services and solutions based on the bimodal IT model, combined with technical expertise and deep industry experience to help retail banks transcend into the digital age.
  • Elevate Digital Banking Transformation: Kelbix Digital Banking Transformation solution enables banks to move beyond omnichannel to reinvent themselves into digital ecosystems. It is an integrated digital banking software framework and suite of applications that creates seamless customer journeys. Regardless of the touchpoint mobile, internet, branch, kiosk or contact center. Elevate ensures superior digital customer experiences. Embrace the innovation powered by advanced analytics, intuitive user experience (UX) design, and a sophisticated integration of physical and digital interaction points.
  • Advanced Analytics: Designing a bank to be an intelligent, intuitive and dynamic entity requires advanced analytical capabilities. Kelbix Advanced Analytics Solutions enable banks to unearth new revenue streams, extract operational efficiencies, prevent risks and fraud and enhance customer experience at an unprecedented scale and speed. Our real-time insights and outsights, powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, help determine not what digital disruption can do to banks, but what banks can do with digital.
  • Security: Kelbix’ passionate commitment to digital banking is deeply rooted in our understanding of customers’ concerns about privacy and primacy. While charting a course of evolution in zero-click banking, Kelbix helps banks balance convenience and security with masterly finesse. Our award winning portfolio of physical and logical security solutions, along with analytics and sophisticated biometrics keeps banks’ system of trust intact 24×7.
Kelbix drives growth and competitive advantage for travel and transportation leaders
Travel and Transportation players are navigating the opportunities of a challenging market

There may have been a day when slow and steady won the race in the transportation industry, but those days are long gone. From forecasting to ‘now-casting’, long-term planning has been replaced by real-time visibility, big data and predictive analytics.

Hardware upgrades and depreciated IT assets have been supplanted by SaaS solutions, virtualization and cloud computing. Ticket counters, call centers, and websites are giving way to mobile, social, and agile computing.

The good news is that these complex mixes of challenges are being met by an ever-expanding array of technology solutions.

Transportation executives are now called to lead the company through this IT-led innovation while maintaining on-ground efficiency, business stability, and marketplace competitiveness.

Kelbix works with executives on the tarmac and in the boardroom to ensure that their technology and operations meet the grueling demands of today’s business climate.

Airlines operate in an environment with many moving parts. Some are controllable such as flight schedules, capacity, airfare, and crew and staff size. Other variables are not controllable, such as the weather, fuel prices, and economic instability.

To navigate this complexity, airlines must establish highly reliable and intelligent airline systems.

We should know – Kelbix has engineered the worldwide passenger service systems for top global airlines and supports them with modern mission critical business solutions.

We are in the business of helping airlines contain variability, increase differentiation, optimize operational excellence and improve passenger centricity.

Airports today are so much more than an arrival and departure location for planes. They are mini-cities, and home to massive retail attractions, large parking operations, and big business.

And yes, airports also serve as the hub of the world’s transportation system, carrying over 500,000 passengers daily just in the SA Airports around the world depend on Kelbix to help them boost revenue, reduce cost of operations and improve decision making through a unified view of operations and intelligent tools.

Air Cargo is essential for global trade, and an important contributor to the profitability of the airlines business. Cargo players are looking to tech-driven efficiencies to solidify their stability and growth, and the challenges can be daunting.

From booking to handling, from warehouse management to tracking and tracing, and from revenue management to revenue accounting, Kelbix combines our industry experience and know-how with integrated business solutions to help air cargo organizations achieve high performance and manage their operations in a profitable, secure and flexible manner.