Our Company

Kelbix uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era.

We accelerate our clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity.

To provide our clients with superior business and technology solutions by establishing ownership, allowing business needs to drive the solution, and excellence in execution.

KELBIX is an advanced technology service consulting firm founded on the principle that distinction is the greatest form of existence and passion is the greatest form of expression.

KELBIX aims for such distinction through the reputation of excellence and customer focus while delivering quality products, technical resources, and strategic guidance for organizations seeking a business advantage through the application of technology.

The team has many years of experience working in a number of different industries and technologies.

KELBIX developers, architects, and the rest of the team are trained and certified with the latest technology and platforms in this ever evolving IT world.

Commitment to excellence has earned KELBIX a reputation for providing quality solutions with honesty, integrity, and confidence.

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Our Vision
Our Values
Our Purpose
Our Ethics Policy
Our Vision

To deliver exceptional value to our clients through our great people.

Our Values

We put our clients at the centre of everything we do. Each of us can achieve great things but as a team we can achieve the unimaginable.

Our Purpose

We accelerate the ambitions of our clients, our people, our shareholders, and society.

Our Ethics Policy

KELBIX is committed to ethical and lawful business conduct in all countries in which it operates. We believe that an integrated approach to governance, ethics, risk and compliance strengthens our values and promotes our objectives as a responsible business.

All business dealings are carried out with transparency and integrity. We encourage our employees to uphold our principles, values and ethics policy. We provide guidelines to explain what is expected of every person who works for KELBIX, irrespective of where we do business.

KELBIX’s practice of responsible corporate behaviour includes:

  • compliance with all laws and regulations
  • zero tolerance for corrupt or illegal practices
  • an anti-bribery and corruption policy which states that bribes and other illicit payments may not be paid or accepted
  • maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information
  • not participating in any conduct that constitutes anti-competitive behaviour
  • not permitting directors or employees to engage in business on behalf of KELBIX with organisations in which they have a material interest, without full disclosure
  • a policy which specifies the acceptance of business gifts and hospitality

KELBIX’s Ethics and Compliance Committee reports to the Audit Committee on all aspects of the company’s compliance with relevant laws, regulations, external policies, as well as with its own internal policies and procedures for ethical business practices. Our Compliance office manages an ethics and compliance programme which provides guidance on business conduct and ethics, and  conducts periodic compliance reviews.