IT & Cyber Security

Information Security: action lines

KELBIX structures its IT security activity along four action lines, defined according to the type of activities each involves and the specialization necessary to carry them out.

These lines are:

  • Consultancy: focused on compliance, regulations and security organisation
  • Audits: defined as the validation line for technical and organisational compliance, penetration tests and low level revisions
  • Architecture: machinery and security programs, logical security based on physical components
  • Solutions: security platforms, large market solutions

Kelbix IT Security Practice provides services specifically designed to give you control of compliance requirements and help manage the threats to your business. These services are based on proven operational experience and are tailored to ensure maximum value to you.

Our consultants can help you with any challenge, and provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Risk and Controls Management driving maximum business value from your IT Security investments
  • Privileged Activity Monitoring creating truly effective threat detection capabilities that satisfy your audit needs
  • Security Architecture providing structure from business concept to the delivery of secure solutions
  • Vulnerability and Compliance Management establishing your search, discovery and remediation cycle

Security expertise backed by industry knowledge

We know that your risk profile is unique, and that real risk reduction requires appropriate working knowledge of your business context and IT environment. Our consultants work with you, establishing a real understanding of your organisation so that we can tailor professional and operationally viable services to help you make immediate tactical enhancements and longer-term strategic improvements.

Extending and enhancing your capability

Working in partnership with your security and technology teams, we’ll improve your threat management capability and compliance with information security policy, external schemes and regulatory demands.


Consider how much we rely on local and global information and communications networks for our daily life, our economic vitality and our national security; enabling pan-Government/military intelligence capabilities, providing essential public services, completing everyday business and personal tasks, we rely on this technology to make it happen – apparently seamlessly.

A stable, safe and resilient cyberspace is, in one way or another, essential to us all.

  • Cyber Security Consulting

    Interim leadership, strategy advice, technical assurance, subject matter expertise and stakeholder management.

  • Compliance and Audit

    Compliance with legislation and standards. Physical, procedural, technical and license auditing.

  • Information Risk Management

    Pragmatic Information Risk strategy, advice and support for the public

  • Site Security and Certification

    Physical Security assessments, guidance, mitigation advice and certification support.

  • Public Services Network

    Requirements, assessments, guidance and advice for those wishing to connect.

  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing is simulating an attack in the same way a hacker would. It is the only way to detect your vulnerabilities, allowing you to take precautions to make your IT impenetrable and demonstrating security to your clients.